We provide both editing and design services so you can work with us from start to finish to perfect your masterpiece!

Interior Formatting

Make your content pop with page designs that are on par with traditionally-published books. Paperback files are optimised for common self-publishing platforms. Ebook formatting is also available.

Custom Cover Design

Receive an eye-catching, unique cover design for your book as you work with us to reach a design that you love. Alternatively, if you’re in a hurry, check out our collection of premade ebook covers.

Complete Design Package

Get it all done in one stop. With a full package of services including paperback formatting, ebook files, and cover design, this is the most hassle-free way to get your book prepared for publication.

Structural Editing

So you’ve finished a draft of your book – but is it any good? Structural editing will help take care of the larger elements of your story like plot and character development, as well as smoothing out your prose and improving your writing. As a bonus, our rates are extremely affordable compared to what you pay for a publishing company to edit your work!

Technical Editing

Proofreading can make or break your book, and poor proofreading sounds the death knell for a self-published book. No spelling, grammar, word usage, punctuation, or consistency error will escape this thorough check! Whether you’ve written a short story or the next War and Peace, every slip of your keyboard will be picked out.

Complete Editing Package

This package offers you a structural edit first, complete with writing improvement tips and suggestions about how to strengthen plot, character development, structure, and more. Then, once you’re ready, you can send back your improved manuscript for a thorough proofread to catch all those pesky grammatical and mechanical errors. All at a discount price!